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The citizens of Nassau County New York
United States of America

The New York State Legislature has recently passed legislation authorizing Nassau County, New York to place up to 50 red light cameras throughout the county.

Critics have pointed out that such devices are mainly for the producing of revenue for cash strapped municipalities.

Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg has not properly consulted with the constituents of his district.

We the citizens of the 19th Legislative District of Nassau County New York, hereby request that our Legislator, David Denenberg, and our County Executive Tom Suozzi, oppose pending legislation in the Nassau County Legislature that would authorize the placement of 50 Red Light Cameras throughout Nassau County.

Legislator Denenberg has requested that 9 red light cameras be placed in Merrick and Bellmore without adequately consulting with the citizens of his district. It is Mr. Denenberg’s duty to consult with his constituency before supporting such legislation.

According to an online poll conducted by Newsday, many Nassau County residents are opposed to red light cameras because they feel that these cameras are mainly for producing revenue to help Nassau County deal with its financial difficulties.

Studies have shown that red light cameras actually increase rear end collisions by forcing drivers to jam on their brakes to avoid passing the light.

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