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The town of Bluffton SC has been wrecklessly annexing land inside of the natural water boundaries of Colleton river to the north Calibogue sound to the east and New river to the south and west. The town mayor is pushing junk legislation to eliminate doughnut holes in their tax map. This type of legislation will prevent you from having
a say or vote regarding residing in the town limits. The town council will just vote you in and send you a bill. This petition will present 5 points to protect the land owners.

We will present this petition and signatures to our state rep. and senator and request they vote against any bill where government can conspire against their constituency.

Citizen Against Bluffton Annexation

The Following petition and signature list have been prepared with the intent of voicing opposition to the continuing expansion of the town of Bluffton S.C. To understand the planned encroachment the final boundaries of the town of Bluffton must be identified.

Using a local map connect the Colleton river on the north to Calibogue sound on the east, New river to the west and south of the Town of Bluffton S.C.. This area includes Buckingham landing, Saw Mill Creek, Saw Mill Forest, Pinckney Colony, All Joy, Burnt Church, May River, Old Miller, Old Palmetto Bluff roads and the Prichardville area. Plantations of Moss Creek, Colleton River, Belfair, The Crescent, Rose Hill, Eagle Point, Berkeley Hall, Island West, Berkeley Place, Woodbridge, May River and Westbury Park. Other locations are Heritage Lake, Fern Lake, Linden Lake, Grande Oaks, Sandy Pointe, Windy Lake, Gascoigne Bluff and Barton's Run. Islands include Myrtle, Bull, Buck, Doe, and Savage.

The Town Of Bluffton has created a patchwork of annexations in its quest to preside over the above named areas. Now the Mayor is pushing for S.B. 202, inappropriately named"The Community Unification Act". This bill will allow town councils the right to vote in area's that are surrounded by the town commonly referred to as "doughnut holes". The residence will not be allowed to decide where they reside, there by effectively denying the property owner their right to vote on matters that will have a substantial impact on them. For example, should communities within the
unincorprated areas of Beaufort County be annex into the Town of Bluffton, residents and business owners will be subject to double taxation- by the county and the town- for services already provided by the county,
i.e. fire law enforcement, emergency responders. Property taxes will increase as the result of annexation.

We will present this petition and signatures to Rep. Herbkersman and Senator Davis to defeat S.B. 202 or similar legislation and to enact legislation that will make annexation more difficult by:

1) Enacting a 5 year ban on changing zoning, there by
eliminating "zoning shopping".

2) Require a majority participation in annexation votes.
A minimum of 75% of the registered voters in an
area that is proposed by the municipality to be
annexed into it, must vote in favor of such
annexation. If less than 75% of such voters vote
against the annexation attempt, the municipality
must stop its annexation efforts and cannot attempt
annexation again for a minimum of ten years.

3) Require full disclosure of a pending annexation
vote. The town/municipality must notify all the
residents within the boundary's of the proposed
annexation area by certified mail and by pubic
notice. Such notice must be made no later than
30 days before the annexation vote is to be taken.
The notice must included the date, time and location
of the voting.

4) The right to vote in any annexation must be
preserved. Nobody should lose their vote when their
finances and property are at stake.Respect the right
of the those who wish to stay out of the any town or

5) Put an end to "shoe string" annexations.

If you agree with the above and reside in the unincorporated areas that will be pushed to annex into the town of Bluffton, please provide your name, and a way to contact you, address, or e-mail.

Thank You: Citizen Against Bluffton Annexation (CABA)

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