A Petition to Support of Followers of Christ
Studying Black History in Small Groups and Church Classes

Inspired and mandated by God to express greater truth, love and unity in the body of Christ, we, individuals and congregations, sign this petition requesting regular church study of African American, Native American history and African history throughout the United States. History is a part of the Kingdom of God. We see this evidenced in the holy word of God, expressed in the Pentateuch, the major and minor prophetic books, Chronicles, Kings, and Psalms. Our Lord wants us to know and understand history, receiving its wisdom and inspiration for today. History is an interconnection of various nations and people groups. We are focusing on the history God mandates in order for His glory to be restored to the church – African history, African American and Native American history with emphasis on African American history. Racial misperceptions and division remain a part of American churches. The stronghold hinders manifestation of the Kingdom of God. We believe that when the Kingdom is fully embraced by the followers of Jesus Christ, Christian professionals will increase fair and loving practices in healthcare, employment, education, housing, law enforcement and the courts. Through the study of black and Native American history, the Holy Spirit will lead persons to better understand, relate, trust, collaborate with, serve, heal and empower one another to the fullness of Christ. Jesus’ purpose for coming was salvation and our embodiment of the Kingdom of God. Christians will advance God’s culture of love, justice, righteousness, truth and power first within the Christian community and subsequently the U.S. and all the earth.

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