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We write to you from the Warragul Colts Stables in Gippsland on behalf of the Women’s Football Team. The Colts commenced pre-season in November 2016 and have been hard at training ever since. At the time of writing we stand undefeated for the 2017 season.
At 1pm on 18 June 2017, the Warragul Colts Women’s Football Club will be playing against Cerberus/Crib Point – also known within our league as the “Navy Team” given their reputation for having a number of players whom represent the Navy. Whilst we currently sit close to the top of the ladder, our battle against Cerberus/Crib Point will be our toughest challenge yet.
 At our Cerberus/Crib Point showdown we will be hosting a Sponsors Day offering the opportunity for our player and club sponsors to come down and see the team in action. We will be having a BBQ along with raffles to help support our Women’s Team with the equipment and facilities that allow us to take the field, improve our game and for some of us to follow in the clubs very own Bob Murphy and play AFL.
Our team has set up a petition in an attempt to seek the attendance of our favourite radio hosts Chrissie, Sam and Browny at our local club in Warragul to support, advertise, commentate our game and a potential pump up talk from Browny to the team. This game will consist of the top two sides in the league going head-to-head. It is guaranteed to be a nail-biter!
We are hoping to use our own initiative to show the community that Women’s football is important. It is the fastest growing, most popular sport in Australia today. We want the Colts Youth Girl Team to aspire to be a part of the Women’s side. We hope to have a well-established and supported team by 2018.
Please sign our petition to help us in our attempt to get Chrissie, Sam & Browny down at our game on Sunday 18 June 2017!
We hope to see you there!

Eastern Park
Normanby Street
Warragul VIC

Please sign our petition in hope of having the Nova breakfast team - Chrissie, Sam & Browny at the Warragul Colts game against Cerberus/Crib Point on Sunday 18 June 2017 at Eastern Park in Warragul.

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