Chris Hemsworth

We feel that the sensitive masculinity and ice-cold yet smoldering eyes of Chris Hemsworth best epitomize the harmonious duality and internal conflict which is the lifeblood running through the works of the popular band "Mumsford & Sons".

We feel that Chris Hemsworth is the only man on the planet qualified to lead an effective Mumford & Sons cover band.

We feel like now is the ideal time to make this union a reality, while all parties involved are near their peak popularity.

(2) is mandatory, while (1) is a strong suggestion:
1. Chris Hemsworth needs to learn to play the acoustic guitar.
2. Chris Hemsworth needs to start a Mumsford & Sons cover band.
3. Chris Hemsworth may continue to act in movies, to the extent that (1) and (2) are not nullified or stalled indefinitely. Chris Hemsworth may not take on tons of roles and put the "music thing" on the proverbial "back burner".

The following are suggestions which may enhance the overall effect, but can be skipped or replaced with even better ideas:
4. Tom Hiddleston ("Loki") may play the Tambourine.
5. Suggested band name - "Thor & Sons"

For those who sign the petition, you must agree to:
6. No legal action against Chris Hemsworth is to be taken if he chooses to reject or ignore this petition. Sad face selfies and begging on social media are ok though.
7. If (4) becomes a reality, a portion of the fan base between 3% and 12% must be Tom Hiddleston groupies. Large signs with his face over a heart are expected. Cheers for tambourine parts are expected to be frequent and enthusiastic. "Loki" and "Tom" may be used interchangeably.

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