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Chris Corcoran and his Agents
United Kingdom

I am a fan of Chris Corcoran, stand up comic, TV presenter and sidekick to Rhod Gilbert on BBC Radio Wales.

I am fed up of being told about gigs he's done or things he's presented after they've finished. I try to keep up with information but because he doesn't have a web page you have to search through loads of irrelevant stuff in Google to find what you want.

Under these circumstances it's no wonder things get missed. Also he stands in for people on BBC Radio Wales sometimes and this never gets advertised so it's only if you happen to hear about it on the radio that you know.

I have a Myspace page and comedians or musicians on there have pages showing lists of their gigs and anything else they are up to so even something like that would be a help.

So if like me you would like to know what Chris is up to then sign my petition and hopefully we can persuade Chris or his agents to set up a webpage for us.

We, the undersigned, would like a web page set up for Chris Corcoran so that we can find information about gigs he is doing and projects he is involved in easily.

We are fed up of missing things because there is not a site we can go to that contains this information in one place.

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