ReedPop, New York Comic Con, The CW Network, Warner Bros
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"The 100", The CW Network's sci-fi drama, set 97 years into the future about survival in a post nuclear apocalyptic world, is one of the most thrilling, cutthroat, unexpectedly awesome works of television currently on air. The center of much debate, but ultimately a terrifying look at what Earth could face in the not too distant future. With four seasons under its belt, many conventions later-- both international and stateside... it's time to bring "The 100" to the Big Apple!

The cast of "The 100", in many fans opinion, would bring their own unique personalities and insight to the East Coast's biggest, and most exciting pop-culture event-- so, let's make it happen!

We, the undersigned, encourage ReedPop, New York Comic Con, The CW Network and Warner Bros to book the cast of "The 100", at NYCC 17.

The Apocalypse is coming-- CHOOSE YOUR KRU, sign the petition and meet your favorites at the most exhilarating gathering of the year in the city that never sleeps.

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