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Choose North NOW is a group that believes North High School should be an academically strong neighborhood high school accessible to all kids. We also believe that Principal Nicole Veltzé, North staff, parents and students are making progress in turning North around and deserve community support.

We are:

  • Parents, students and families with kids in Northwest Denver feeder schools
  • Community members who believe a traditional neighborhood high school (like East, West or South) is an asset
  • Taxpayers who want federal, state and local investments to achieve the community’s vision for North High
  • North alumni and supporters

Why North High School needs your support NOW. New high schools have applied for placement in Northwest – DPS is considering co-locating one school in North. We believe that the transformation of North High School will succeed – and we expect DPS to be steady partner to North.

Stop Denver Public Schools (DPS) from making a June 2012 decision to co-locate another school in North High School!

Our Message to DPS administrators and the School Board

The Community has spoken: We want a traditional neighborhood high school
We stay 100% focused on the vision of 2005's "19 Nights of North" and the Northwest Community Committee (2010-2011):

  • Rigorous academics with high standards, college prep, honors/AP, STEM and world languages for all
  • Diverse enrichment opportunities in the arts and sports
  • Consistent curriculum and alignments from ECE through 12th grade (a northwest feeder pattern)
  • Investments to date: $30 M renovation, community meetings, federal funds and multiple principals
  • Co-location sends mixed messages and raises doubts about the DPS commitment to North High School

North High School needs room to grow, to keep spaces for kids in the feeder pattern
NWCC developed a plan for the Northwest Denver feeder pattern that will result in greater demand for NHS:

  • North has capacity of 1,475 (59 classrooms x 25 kids/class, excluding the West Denver Prep middle school wing)
  • By 2016, existing feeder schools will generate demand for 1,576 students placing North beyond capacity
  • A co-located school of 500 will prevent 600 neighborhood kids from attending North by 2016

Use Skinner Middle School's transformation as a blueprint for North’s success
A model partnership between parents, NW Middle Schools NOW, DPS, and the Skinner staff resulted in steady academic growth, a culture of learning, and a transformation into a neighborhood "go-to school"

  • Skinner staff implemented data-driven, best practice teaching and school culture programs
  • DPS provided a grant to offer "in-demand" courses such as honors, Spanish and music.
  • Parents and NOW promoted Skinner successes and reached out to community members through parent- to- parent dialogue, blogs, emails, student parties, parent coffee "talks," and more;
  • Enrollment is up because Skinner has room to grow and room to meet the needs of incoming students
  • Allow the physical space and this collaborative approach can also work at North!

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