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There seem to be an influx of 3-D films coming from Hollywood as of late. There are a lot of people that do not or even cannot watch these films for specific reasons. Some are not able to watch 3-D films due to the fact that it gives them a headache or it hurts their eyes.

Yet there are others, like myself, do not want to watch a film that is filmed entirely or mostly in 3-D. If you the film makers wish to continue making films in 3-D, then perhaps you should consider the possibility of making the same film in 2-D for the people that wish to see the film? We are not asking you to stop making films in 3-D. We are only asking to be able to have a choice in watching a 3-D film or not.

We, the undersigned, call for Hollywood to not only make 3-D films, but to also make the same films in 2-D.

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