#Children's Rights
Idaho Falls Legislature
United States of America

Children should be able to make the choice on whether or not to smoke. Children who are in cars with an adult that are smoking have a 200% more chance of becoming sick. Some of the illnesses include SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Cancerous tumors, cancer, bronchitis and many other illnesses.

When an adult smokes in a car with a child, the smoke is 27 times more concentrated then smoking in a home causing a child to actually be smoking more than the parent. Give our children the right to breathe.

We would like you to sign this petition for us to be able to take this to our Legislature in Idaho falls, Idaho, to pass a law of, "No smoking in Cars with Children."

We would like to help our young children to have the choice to be healthy. They do not need to worry about being able to have a future because of the choices that are made for them when it comes to smoking in cars.

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