#Human Rights
King Harald V and Jonas Gahr Store

Is it ethical for a human being to be deprived of attending his/her mother's funeral no matter in which part of the world their parent is buried in?

I believe it is unethical because I know the torment and pain that one has to endure for I too was not able to attend my mother's funeral which took place in another country or even visit her burial place since she was buried in another country.

The authorities in the country my mother is buried in has not taken any effort in finding the reasons as to why I was deprived of being at my mother's funeral. I do not want any one else who is not a Norwegian citizen that has a parent/parents who are Norwegian immigrants to go through what I am going through. That is why i started this petition.

So if you're against children of Norwegian immigrants being deprived of attending their parents/parents funeral, please sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, call King Harald V and Jonas Gahr Store to take action against the immigration authorities and also anyone who deprives the children of Norwegian immigrants (who live outside of Norway) from attending their parent/parents funeral that is held in Norway.

We also want you to make it possible for the children of Norwegian immigrants to visit their parent/parents funeral and burial place without any injustice meted out to the children in the name of humanity.

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