#Law Reform
Senator Lyson, North Dakota
United States of America

July 17, 2006

Currently the child support law does not calculate the non-custodial parents income.

Currently the child support law does not ack for both the custodial parent and non-custodial parent incomes. They only use the non-custodial income to take a percentage off of each check due to a yearly evaluation. (3 yrs evaluation by child support if asked to). Many of us are hard working middle class law-biding citizens.

While the non-custodial parent gets to take the money without any justification of where the money is spent.

We, the undersigned, want what is fair and having both incomes looked at each year is fair. Within the 59th Legislative Assemble of ND there was Senate Bill No. 2289 introduced for the obligor and obligee plus, parents to be amendment to the state guidelines.

Plese sign this petition to help our children. Thank you.

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