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Child 'M' must stay!


Child M and his family were taken from their home again on Tuesday 17th Nov at 8:15am and taken by 8 immigration officers in a caged van to Yarls Wood detention centre. On the way Child M's mother collapsed and was taken to hospital. She was then taken to Yarls Wood in a wheelchair. The family were given a removal date of Friday 20th. Their lawyers and barrister worked hard to launch a fresh asylum claim as their police warrant had been authenticated by an expert witness. On Friday the family were taken to the airport believing thet were being deported, as the fresh claim had yet to be accepted and an injunction and Judical Review had yet to be in place. They family waited at the airport in a police van for more than 4 hours. An hour or so before the flight the home office agreed to look again at their claim and the family were returned to Yarls Wood, where they remain now.

Child M is now 9 years old. He has already spent 52 days in Yarls Wood and suffered serious detrimental effects to his health. He had returned to school and was making good steps towards recovery. We need to get him and his family released from Yarls Wood as soon as possible to avoid further serious repercussions to their mental health. Child M is a child. He should not be treated like a criminal. Please show your support and help the family to get leave to remain.


Child M is 8 years old. He came to the Uk in July 2007 with is mother, older sister and older brother. While they were here the Iranian authorities searched and boarded up their home. They were warned by friends not to return to Iran because an arrest warrant had been issued for his mother and sister.

The family claimed asylum in the UK in September 2007. Their initial claim was turned down because of lack of evidence. The family were due to be deported to Iran on 18th July 2008. As a result of compelling new evidence being obtained to support their asylum claim an Injunction against their immediate removal was issued at the High Court on 17th July 2008.

The whole family, including the 8 year old child, were detained at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre for 51 days, they were released on the 4th of september 2008.

They believe they will face the death penalty in Iran for the charges against them, which include distributing copies of The Satanic Verses.

Home office reference numbers - G1158044, G1158044/2, G1158044/7

We, the undersigned, call upon the Secretary of State to support Child M and his family’s asylum claim and grant the family permission leave to remain.

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Child 'M' must stay