#Children's Rights
young people who are in this position.

I have been in this sitch. its not easy, but just recently, i got help. Tell a trusted adult, or a teacher. tell the truth. you cant get into trouble if you tell the truth.

It may take a while, i had to wait in the police station for 11 hours in my pj's, but it'll all work out. i am only 12, and i went through ALOT. if i can cross the road, almost collapsing under my twisted ankel, you can too.

No ones going to think any less of you if tell. In fact, every one was so proud of me, because, after 10 or so years of abuse, physical and mental, i spoke up.

If you wanna sign this, sign it because you care. Because you want to help kids like me. I helped my self, so you can help somebody else.

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