Northern Ireland Assembly
United Kingdom

Chief Constable Matt Baggott has created a situation whereby a vote of no confidence may be taken in his ability to carry out his foremost duty to protect the people of Northern Ireland from crimes committed against the Christian Protestant Community of Northern Ireland.

We believe that Mr Baggott is being religiously discriminatory towards the Protestant people of northern Ireland in his decision making toward the policing of peaceful protests.

On various occasions the PSNI have harassed, assaulted & religiously verbally abused our community over peaceful protests & cultural events & parades & Mr Baggott has not only sat back & allowed these incidents to happen but has also commended his officers on their handling of situations. The officers are attacking elderly, infirm, women, children & even an elected MLA & his family with no restraint even making verbal threats and derogatory remarks to incite violence.

We feel that Mr Baggott is being prejudiced towards our community & our faith & he must be held accountable & resign his position with immediate effect. There is a wealth of evidence supporting this application on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter as well as in media publications & broadcasts please feel free to browse them if you wish.

We the undersigned, call upon the Northern Ireland Assembly to ensure the resignation of Chief Constable Matt Baggott, with immediate effect on the grounds of Religious Discrimination against the Christian Protestant Community in Northern Ireland, and for his failure to carry out his foremost duty of protecting the citizens of Northern Ireland in their entirety regardless of religion, culture or personal views.

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