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Chestnut Village Condominium Association c/o Albert Corporation
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Mill Creek Residential proposes to build up to 288 rental units directly behind Chestnut Village Condominiums, and our Board of Trustees is ready to let them! They are all on board to signing over easement -- rights to use our road -- by the end of this month or sooner. In exchange they get $2 million, plus a 5-figure amount to cover “time spent,” plus another 5-figures to cover legal fees.

Why on earth should owners say NO to $2 million?? Because this is what we get in exchange:
• 460 more cars driving through Chestnut Village Condos – morning and evening
• 288 new rental units behind Chestnut Village devaluing your property
• Major impact on safe play spaces for children
• Major environmental impact on Hoare Bird Sanctuary
• Heavy traffic in and out of CVC condos
• Even greater traffic jams to the Circle, VFW Parkway and Vine Street
• Loss of exclusive use of the playground and tennis court
• More crowded local schools and more school buses
• 2+ years of daily construction noise
• Drastically lowered property and rental values
• Noise pollution, light pollution – no quiet hours
• Additional strain on vulnerable above-ground power lines

Say NO to this poor bargain by signing our petition.

Say NO by contacting Matt O’Malley, your Councilman, and letting your voice be heard.

Our Condominium By-Laws authorize the Board of Trustees to act on all owners’ behalf without any input from us. They stand ready to rubber-stamp this agreement, regardless of the huge impact on your family’s quality of life and your property values. They have proposed absolutely no plans of how they will use these funds. As owners, we deserve transparent, responsible representation by the Board of Trustees and confidence that any agreement they make on our behalf is a win-win, and one we can live with. This is NOT a win-win deal by a long shot.

We don’t have much time. Please sign this petition today. Say NO to the Mill Creek Residential easement, Say YES to responsible, transparent representation, and join your will and voice with other owners. Thank you.

We, the undersigned owners of Chestnut Village Condominiums (CVC), are OPPOSED TO SELLING our ROAD EASEMENT RIGHTS to Mill Creek Residential Property Trust (MRPT) for an estimated $2 million. This sale will enable MRPT to move forward with a planned 288-unit High Density Apartment Complex directly behind Chestnut Village.

GREENLIGHTING THIS DEAL MEANS SAYING YES TO URBANIZATION AND PROPERTY DEVALUATION OF CHESTNUT VILLAGE. As owners, we deserve a deal that preserves our quality of life and investment. We hold the CVC Association Board of Trustees accountable for transparent, financially responsible stewardship and the preservation of CVC's current and future value.

The sale of the easement and proposed development will have a negative impact on open, green spaces shared by West Roxbury, Brookline and Newton (including Hoare Sanctuary and Leatherbee Woods), the character of our complex, neighborhood, traffic, schools, environment, noise, and property values.

The terms of this sale in no way compensate CVC owners for the negative, permanent impact it will have on our quality of life and those of our families and children. Any capital improvements to the property lose value when it is difficult to sell or rent condominium units.

We urge you OPPOSE THIS DEAL by signing this Petition.

Thank you.

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