Essex and Chelmsford County Council
United Kingdom

Parkour is a new movement discipline that is quickly gaining recognition around the world.

Chelmsford has had a thriving parkour community from the early days of parkour and continues to this day, where practitioners continue to train and educate others about the benefits of parkour.

The general public are beginning to realise the benefits of parkour and how it can have a holistic approach towards an individual’s confidence, self esteem, general health and well being and their interaction with the community as a whole.

To support the growth and development of Parkour, the Chelmsford Parkour Community would like to develop with the support of Freemove, a dedicated parkour park that people of all ages and abilities can use to train on and develop their movement ability.

There are numerous parkour sites that have been developed around the UK, with the newest site just launched at Havering in Central park.

If you would like to see a parkour park built in Chelmsford, then please support us in evidencing the need for a parkour in our city which we can then approach the council with. To be effective in making this reality we need to gain 250+ signatures for the council to recognise the demand for parkour park that all can use.

We, the undersigned, strongly support the construction of a dedicated parkour training park in Chelmsford that will facilitate the safe and effective training of parkour by residents, visitors, students and instructors.

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