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Queensland State & Federal Governments

"Charters Towers Flying Fox Action Group consultation presented for those who wish to sign this Submission that was compiled at the RSL Flying Fox Invasion meeting as a group effort on the 29-11-2017 and amended on the 1-12-2017."

We the Residents of Charters Towers demand urgent action from the Queensland State and Federal Governments, to disperse a colony of Flying Foxes from our township, preferably by culling as previous dispersal methods have proved unsuccessful and the bats just keep returning as they have done for many decades. We have been living in unhealthy, unacceptable conditions for years and it seems like an eternity, putting up with the stench and fowl smells of Flying Fox faeces and urine including their rotting carcasses everywhere in our Suburbs. Native bird life has undoubtedly been affected because of the large colonies of Bats. Our township is very family orientated and our kids are forced to play indoors along with their family pets, and it was raised at the above meeting that some dogs and cats have actually eaten and played with dead and live bats. Parents now fear for the lives of their children as bats carry the Lyssa virus and the Hendra Virus as well as mites and ticks. There are several colonies of bats around town and the main roost is at Lissner Park adjacent to Columba Christian College on Church Street and some of their pupil’s shortcut through this park where at times they get swooped by the bats. Most Schools, Kinder-gardens, Day Care Centres, and Aged Care facilities have bats roosting in their grounds and nearby. Water tanks and Bores are becoming contaminated causing other health concerns.

Many Children and Elderly folks have respiratory problems that are suspected to be coming from the bat infestation, and we ask Government to assist us with free medical care for all patients. Many Residents don't venture outside anymore to do exercise, and this no doubt contributes to the respiratory problems. Some families have been forced to move out of rental accommodation because of the bat plague and have gone to live elsewhere, so we ask for some form of assistance for those affected.

Most families have to wash their clothes more often because of the bats, and are forced to dry them inside their homes using more power for clothes dryers and also using Air Conditioning, as most families lock themselves inside their homes to avoid the stench of these bats. We once again ask for assistance either in form of cheaper electricity tariffs or rebates and we also question the efficiently of solar panels under these conditions.

The Emergency Rescue Helicopter which transports patients from Charters Towers to Townsville Hospital, on a regular basis is in grave danger of crashing every time it transports patients at day and night because of the large numbers of bats, especially on take-off. The problem here is when approaching for a landing the bats take off into the sky and hover for some time and the Helicopter must wait for clearance thus making the sick or injured patient wait longer times to get to the Townsville hospital.

Some home owners have also been forced to sell the homes much cheaper than market value and investors have been unable to rent their properties due to the current situation. We also demand a compensation package be structured within both State and Federal Governments for allowing these bats to multiply under the 1992 Conservation Act that quite clearly shows its urgency to be amended.

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