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Get Channel 7 (Aus) to stop airing Prison Break at stupid times!!!

Channel 7 has started showing Prison Break Season 4 at 10:30pm and is moving it to 11pm. (after a 4 week break??) They did not even give season 4 a chance before airing it in a ridiculous time slot. I found out that Prison Break was coming back on TV from an American forum. There were no ads even aired. How can they say it has poor ratings in Australia when they didn't even give it a chance.

Season 3 was stopped at episode 8 because of the writers strike, then Channel 7 FINALLY played the last 5 episodes of the season calling it a new season. Then it came off the air until a couple of weeks ago. No wonder people were confused!And their so called Fast Tracking is crap too.

I, like many others have resorted to watching it online /downloading because channel 7 is weeks behind and the episodes are on so late!

Help save Prison Break in Australia!


Well Prison Break is back on Tuesday and Wednesday's at 10:30 pm. NO ADVERTISING!!!!! Unless you actively look to see when it is on in the TV guide you would have no idea it is on.

It makes me so angry because this season is so good. Channel 7 have completely ruined this show in Australia.


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