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I believe that the Channel 4 programme "Big Brother" (and its offshoot Celebrity Big Brother) should be banned.


1. It can cause immense emotional suffering to individual contestants to the extent that the Mental Health Foundation has publicly expressed their concern over the selection of housemates.

2. The "show" is intended for adults, but it is seems that many under-aged children are watching, exposing them to an unacceptable range of anti-social behavior including racism, bitching and bullying, physical assaults, explicit sexual shenanigans, over-consumption and love of alcohol, swearing, etc.

3. The show aims to, and is indeed specifically designed to exploit and manipulate not only the housemates but also the viewing public both financially and emotionally.

4. Both past and recent Big Brother "episodes" have resulted in serious health and other personal consequences for several housemates, including death threats, threatening phone calls, public intimidation, depression, thoughts of suicide etc.

5. Concerns have been raised regarding the fairness of such issues as the selection process, voting, evictions, etc., and in particular, the association of these activities with premium line phone voting and gambling.

6. The whole ethos and values portrayed within the show needs to be questioned, particularly considering the most recent public and media debacle over alleged racist bullying (for a detailed analysis of who were the real bullies see
http://www.bstephenson.com/selfometer/articles/articles_racist_bullying.asp below

Therefore, we the undersigned, call upon Ofcom to put an end to this most offensive, distressing and manipulative type of TV programming.


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Therefore, we the undersigned, call upon Ofcom to put an end to this most offensive, distressing and manipulative type of TV programming.

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