#Human Rights
To get Burger King outta here
United States of America

Chick Fil A is better than Burger King. It's a fact. It's not even subjective at this point. Not only does the BK Lounge serve mediocrity for food, they also have service comparable to a DMV. When has an employee at Burger King ever said "My Pleasure" after you thank them? Whereas, at Chick Fil A, the employees are angels that have been recruited straight from Heaven. For these reasons, I ask you to sign this petition so you can finally eat food that's good for your soul instead of settling for less than you deserve.

We, the undersigned, call Burger King to vacate the premises so that Chick Fil A can continue to spread happiness in the world.

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The Changing the BK Lounge to Chick Fil A at the Power and Light Location petition to To get Burger King outta here was written by Drew Douglas and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.

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