Elon University Students
United States of America

For many students at Elon University, the library is the primary source of academic success.

The library is able to provide unique resources such as software that can be found only in the library as well as an environment that ideally promotes academic learning. However, the limited hours of the library do not accurately reflect Elon's emphasis on a successful education. In fact, it has been suggested by numerous students that the library's limited hours actually contradict Elon's anti-alcohol policy such that its hours coincide with the typical "partying hours" of the weekend.

Rather than providing student's with an alternative to drinking on the weekend through academic dedication, the library has in fact discouraged students to focus on intellectual growth, assuming that a majority of students are not concerned with these issues except during the week.

While it seems logical that the hours are set to be in accord with the typical Elon student's habits, it is unfair to these students who strive for academic excellence and who are attempting to break these "typical habits."

Furthermore it is essential that our institution take into account those financially challenged students who may not have 24 hour access to resources such as computers, internet, printers etc. and depend heavily on the library. As students we should have these resources available to us regardless of our schedule conflicts and should be allowed the right to our institutions library beyond the restricted hours that are currently in place.

We, the undersigned, request that Elon University revise the library's hours to 24 hour access to students.

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