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Due to the ongoing increase in traffic it is becoming more dangerous for horses and riders to be on the road networks.

By allowing a number of footpaths to be used as a bridle path this would enable horses to stay off the roads.

This would in turn reduce the number of horseboxes/trailers on the road as well as many riders box up their horses just to be able to access the countryside and have safer riding.

Please note i have put in "where accessible to do so" I totally understand the landowners point of view
I would even be open to having a path “lead only “ option, as where i live the nearest bridle path is two miles up a busy road, but if i could gain access to just one footpath whether i could ride or lead across i can then access miles of bridle paths without coming near a road.

There must be some way of achieving a balance between rider and land owner.

We urge the government to allow current footpaths to be changed to allow access for horses and their riders where accessible to do so.

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