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Her Majesty's government
United Kingdom

UK government's immigration policy makes it difficult in some circumstances for legally married couples, where one partner originates in another country to settle in UK and lead a normal family life.

Violations of articles 8 and 12 of the European Convention on Human rights and Fundamental freedoms appear to be taking place. Couples are asked to prove ongoing nature of the relationship by producing their most private correspondence for inspection and failure to do so can result in a refusal of an application for a settlement visa even if the marriage can be proved by documentary evidence. I'm writing from personal experience.

We, the undersigned, call on Her Majesty’s government to make changes to its immigration policy to allow spouses of British citizens who originate from overseas to be given automatic right of entry into and residence in UK whilst at the same time putting in place safeguards to ensure that only legitimate couples can benefit.

We also call for any and all abuses of human rights currently taking place which lead to the separation of families connected with visa applications of such spouses to cease immediately.

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