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According to the Sex Offenders Registration Act:
28.735 Sec. 35. (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section and section 36, an individual required to be registered under article II shall not reside within a student safety zone.

A School Safety Zone is defined as the area that lies 1,000 feet or less from school property.

However, even after local law enforcement is aware that an offender is living in the school safety zone, the law does not stipulate the amount of time the offender has to move out of the zone.

In addition, upon registration to the sex offender registry list, there are no required checks by law enforcement to ensure that the offender is not living within the school safety zone. They inform the FBI and other law enforcement departments of the offender's registration.

According to 8.727 (8) The (state Police) department shall promptly provide registration, notice, and verification information to the federal bureau of investigation and to local law enforcement agencies, sheriff's departments, department posts, and agencies of other states requiring the information, as provided by law.

As many of you know, most internet mapping sites can show you the distance from your location to local schools and other attractions with one click of your mouse.

We, the undersigned, call on Michigan and Federal Legislatures to add additional safeguards to the Sex Offender Registry as well as implement tougher guidelines to ensure the removal of registered sex offenders from school safety zones.

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