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UMass Amherst & Five College Campus students, teachers, music lovers,

I am looking to make a change in the music world for college campuses, starting with the Flagship Campus Commonwealth of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

My name is Natalie Shea and I have a favor to ask of you all, and its not about politics or something that will make anyones blood boil, its about having a kick ass spring concert this year, and for the remainder of the UMass Amherst traditions. I had an idea while I was working for Outside The Box Festival 2 weeks ago, and it’s definitely a little "outside the box" but really awesome.

I am going to be a Senior at the University, and I am graduating from Isenberg in May, prior to moving to the Panama Jungle for 2 months to practice music development and building a sustainable community through the Design Thinking program. I have a revolutionary cause that IS possible if you sign my petition, and convince the funders of Spring Concert to hear us out. I have attended every Spring Concert and other NV Concepts shows at the Mullins Center since freshmen year, and I’ve made some of the greatest memories with the Minutemen friends that I love.

But I would much rather lay out a tapestry, drink a beer or two with my 21+ friends, family and enjoy some good music, in the great outdoors, and at the new football complex of McGuirk Stadium. This is not only for the benefit of the students and five college campus students, but also for families, professors, alumni, musicians, maybe not pets, but overall anyone that loves entertainment. This would also help fund a lot of the futures of UMass students ability to attend the University. Think about how many more tickets could be sold, if we were to have an outdoor concert in the spring, rather than confined to an indoor ice hockey rink. I want to overtime, develop an Arts and Music scholarship through UMass concerts, but this is the first step, EXPANSION. More audiences would be willing to come out, more seats filled, more smiling faces, and more JOBS available.

Today, I am interning with the people that provided those concerts, with oncampus.live.. and WE together are going to change the face of college campus concerts, around the country.

But we can’t do it alone. I have lots of verbal supporters already, but if we want to put this idea into action, we need to talk to the people of UMass Amherst that make things happen, and my job, for my fellow UMass Music Lovers, and Of Age Beer Drinkers, is to make this possibility a reality.

I am signing this letter to whom it may concern, to confirm my agreement and acceptance of the revolutionary change of University of Massachusetts Spring Concert, from Mullins Center, to McGuirk Stadium.

As a student, teacher, alumni, music lover, supporter of arts and culture, and/or citizen of the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I believe that the funding is possible to develop an outdoor show for all of Western Massachusetts, and beyond to attend.

I believe this because it is scientifically proven, that being outdoors, rather than indoors, promotes greater health, and happiness for the individual and community.

I believe that the safety of the attendees is greater, with daylight and outdoor areas for the reasons of fire hazard, drug intake from minors and all ages, as well as the proper consumption of alcohol. I believe that music acoustically or electronically has greater quality at an outdoor arena, because more people can sing along and echo.

Tailgates typically promote a family atmosphere, and that is what I agree with Natalie Shea on, for this petition. Please support her and her idea to change the face of the music world within college campuses. Support the arts, culture, music and most importantly, the prosperity of UMass Amherst, together.

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