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People of Ireland, you are being deceived. You are being deceived by an industry that is more interested in the money you give them through fundraising and payments of treatments then to find a cure for what they were established to do. This industry is the cancer industry.

I could go on for hours about the despicable nature of this industry but then again, who would want to read pages and pages of statistics on this criminal industry.

So in a nutshell here's why conventional treatment should never be considered for treating cancer:
1. Chemotherapy is a poison that was formed in WW2 to kill the Jews.
2. Chemotherapy and radiation are both carcinogenic (i.e they cause cancer. So how can they cure it?)
3. Chemotherapy has a cure rate of 3 %
4. In a secret survey carried out in Canada, 58 out of 65 oncologists declared "that they would not have chemotherapy or recommend it to someone they know because of its degree of toxicity and complete ineffectiveness". Isn't that amazing, the people that administer the treatment have no confidence in it at all.

The Irish government will say like they have to me "oh well these treatments are "scientifically proven". They are correct. But the institution that scientifically approve these treatments are indeed owned by the pharmaceutical industry (the industry that produces these treatments. It is also the biggest industry in the world-bigger then your car and fashion industry and is thus very powerful.) If the pharmaceutical industry doesn't own the approval institution, it will pay them massive fees to endorse there drug even though it is dangerously harmful and more importantly ineffective. So how is this fair? To be blunt, it's not!

The government will say "more people are surviving cancer than ever before", is that because of the treatments? No no no! It's because people are more aware of the symptoms and early detection is prolonging there life. To continue on with survival rates, what is your understanding of survival rate? Well to survive something is to overcome something yes? Well not in the cancer systems eyes. A survival rate statistic is formed if you live 5 years from your diagnosis. However if you die 5 years and a day from cancer you are still seen as a survivor. That is not the definition of a survival rate and is clearly misleading people into thinking that people are beating cancer more often now when in fact the opposite is true! More and more people are dying from cancer then ever before.

If you think of all the money spent worldwide (Hundreds of billions if not trillions) since the U.S president Richard Nixon declared the "war on cancer" in the 1970's, there has been no improvement in survival rates!

Conventional therapy will never, ever work because you can't poison (chemo) the body back to good health, you can't burn (radiation) the body back to good health and you can't cut (surgery) the body back to good health.

So what can be done? Well believe it or not there have been many cures cancer but to the disgust of the pharmaceutical industry, they are all natural. Why is that a problem?

Natural products cannot be patented so therefore everyone can produce it and therefore making these products worthless (In a business sense.) Also natural treatments are dirt cheap compared to your chemo,surgery and radiation so another reason why the pharmaceutical industry is disinterested. For these reasons, this industry has suppressed these cures because if they didn't, they would be out of business.

These natural cures are also pain free which is completely disparate to conventional treatments where one endures a lot of discomfort. Don't believe me that these cures exist? You will get a better understanding from the links below. Also, a man called leonard coldwell has the highest cancer cure rate in the world of 92.3% ( far better then the meagre 3% of chemotherapy) Why don't we hear about him? Why don't we adopt his approach? He cures patients naturally and the pharmaceutical industry is doing everything to inhibit his success.

It is really shameful that no one is doing anything about this vindictive industry. People are dying in pain and needlessly. Cancer is CURABLE! Educate yourself!

Together we can change our healthcare. Join me on this quest of renewal and change. It's our health, our country, our choice.

Sign this petition. It might just change this hideous system and help you or someone dear to you. With one in three people going to get cancer in their life at some stage in Ireland, change is needed. Please help. Thank you. Below are links to the educational videos.


We, the undersigned, call on the Irish government to reform the cancer system so that alternative, natural treatments take priority over conventional treatments when treating a cancer patient.

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