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Perhaps it is about time we changed how "parking enforcement" works. A completely new, friendly approach, not incentivised by money.

Each Council Ward can appoint its own group of "wardens", they may even be local volunteers, with the necessary powers to issue PCN's. Everyone in the ward will know who they are, and have their number to call if they have a problem. The point is however, that they will be welcoming, friendly sort of person, rather than the authoritarian set up we have now.

They will only issue tickets in the most extreme cases and will only issue a ticket as a last resort. The vast majority of PCN's issued currently are completely unnecessary and are purely issued to generate revenue - these would never get issued under this new arrangement.

I realise it may take some time to make these changes but they will be worth it if it encourages a more friendly local community.

In the UK at the moment you can steal and be fined less (or not at all), than the motorist who parks on the wrong line, displays the wrong permit, or just overstays his parking ticket. It is plainly very wrong and unfair.

Please sign the petition if you would like this to change.

We, the undersigned, call on The Prime Minister of the UK to change the way in which Penalty Charge Notices are issued across the UK so that their issuance is:
1. not to generate revenue.
2. not incentivised in any way.
3. only as a complete last resort.
4. only allowed by ward appointed wardens;

AND that any fines that are issued are commensurate with the "contravention" that has taken place.

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