UTech, Ja Administration

For a number of years, the UTech, Ja graduation ceremony has been held on a Saturday to the exclusion and marginalization of a large number of Sabbath-keeping students. We believe that the University of Technology, Jamaica should strive to protect and respect students of all religious groups and sects and should renounce the display of all forms of religious bias. Last year, in 2016, the decision was made for the UTech graduation ceremony to be held on a Thursday but this decision has recently been reversed and yet again, this year in 2017, sabbath-observing students will be forced to forego their graduation ceremony. If you believe that the University of Technology, Ja should respect the students' right to freedom of conscience and religious liberty and that the UTech graduation ceremony should be held on a week day and not on a Saturday, please lend us your support by signing this petition.

I do not support the staging of the UTech, Ja graduation on a Saturday.

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