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PLEASE HELP me go before city counsel on September 6th, 2016….! Help honor our familys' legacy….

2016 marks the City of Coquitlam's 125th Anniversary,... and what better time to urge the City "to change what was a typo 97 years ago"... to properly honor one of Coquitlam's Pioneering families, the Mundays?

My Great Great Grandparents, George and Jane Constance Munday founded the Munday Homestead in 1888 after coming to Canada by way of Chilbolton, England in search of a new life.

George purchased the 150 acres of land through a "Dominion Grant for homesteaders". In later years, it was learned the the MUNDAYS did not receive any monies owed for the "sale" of the acreage from a real estate agent by the name of Mr. White.

The land changed ownership a few times before the city asked the Mundays to lend their name to what became Munday Memorial Park, Munday Lake and Munday Street respectfully.

In true Munday fashion, Otis Munday (one of their sons) worked hard to rectify the situation regarding the misspelling of the family name through correspondence with the City of Coquitlam in April of 1971.

He later received a letter back from the city in May of 1972 (over 1 year later) stating it would be too much work to look into and there was nothing more the city could do.

I attended our last Munday reunion 30 years ago on September 7th, 1986 (age 19) and this topic was still as much a bone of contention within the family unit, as it is today.

Is it not our moral obligation as Canadians to honor all founders and pioneers of this country?

PLEASE sign and share this petition to take back the Munday family name, and right this wrong.

Sadly, Otis Munday passed away at the age of 101 without change to the Munday name, and he and our entire family has never been properly honored by the "Jewel of Coquitlam"…Once known as "Munday Memorial Park" of Coquitlam, BC Canada.

We the undersigned call on the City of Coquitlam www.coquitlam.ca to change the spelling of Mundy Park, Lake and Street back to its original name when the city asked permission of the family to "lend" the Munday name to the city park, lake and street.

In 1929 a "simple typo" turned into a lifelong struggle for the family to have it changed back to its documented and correct name, MUNDAY PARK.

Mundy/Munday Park has long been referred to as the Jewel of Coquitlam, so it's only fitting they look upon the Munday Homesteaders with the same respect.

Munday Park is well-loved by the community, and the family whom founded it should be honored accordingly.

97 years is far too long to have let this typo change everything George and Jane Constance Munday worked to establish as immigrants and pioneers of Coquitlam and Sapperton, BC Canada.

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