#Students' Rights
Ventura County Community College District
United States of America

This petition is in regards to the recent addition of the three televisions within the Ventura Community College cafeteria. We come to you with three grievances, the first being that not only are they distracting because of the lewd content presented by on the current MTV channel, but they pose a blatant degradation of VC's community.

These televisions come in the wake of the new Title IX / Campus SaVE Act video that is shown to anyone logging into the VCCCD Portal. In the description of the video, it states, "This video discusses prevention and awareness programs to new students and employees regarding rape, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking," and yet here we are, only a week or two later, showing music videos of rap songs that promote this kind of filth within our own campus walls.

We will not tolerate these vulgarities being streamed constantly in the cafeteria. Our second grievance is that having MTV play on "government owned property," as stated by the police officials stationed on campus, legal standards are being crossed by the use and implications of multiple drugs within these music videos on "government owned property."

Our final grievance comes from the lack of morality and meaningful content from artists and songs that are most popular in middle and high school levels where children are happy to play a game of monkey see, monkey do with rampant drugs and sex. This content is immature in contrast to our age range and desire to pursue a higher level of formal education and degrees.

This petition is asserting our desire to change the programming that is being played on these three specific televisions placed within the VC cafeteria to something more decent or educationally satisfying as determined by representatives.

By signing this document, our fellow students and companions are showing their support for this matter and a willingness to elect the founders of this document as their representatives for a better and more fulfilling programming within the cafeteria.

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