#Animal Rights
South Australian Government, Dept of Heritage and Environment, RSPCA

Since the case of Esky the dingo cross and previous to that Ernie the dingo cross being forced to relocate outside of South Australia.

It is an outdated and inane policy with no proof that these animals are a threat. It's been proven that feral dogs and cats, foxes etc are of far more risk to livestock that dingo or dingo crosses are.

We the undersigned wish to demand from those parties listed that the policy be changed to allow ownership of dingo and dingo crosses. Conditional on the dog being desexed, microchipped and to go through obedience training. What is happening at the moment is inhumane and wrong. It is a draconian and archaic policy that must be changed to reflect the animal as it is now.

There is written documentation and video proving that the domestic dog turned feral is more of a risk that the dingo.

We demand that this policy is rewritten to reflect this and to allow dingo and dingo cross ownership, where the owner has proven responsibility as mentioned above.

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