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Many students are displeased with the artist selection for SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College's annual OH-fest. Included in each student’s tuition is a student activity fee and a small percentage of that fee goes towards paying for the artist that performs at the concert.

Students want to have more influence in choosing an artist. This has not been the first year students have disliked the chosen artist. But this year students created a petition against the artist's performance. Well, it is time something DOES change.

This petition is for students to agree to change the selection process of the artist. Originally, students are asked to complete a survey where they fill out their top artist choices regardless if they are affordable or not. I want this to change, so I'm suggesting a better way to go about it.

I notion to change the selection process of the Oh-fest artist to allow for more SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick college students to have influence on the decision. I notion to change the process to this:

1) SUNY Oneonta's SAAC shall begin meeting with Hartwick's CUAC about choosing an artist shortly after the commencement of the Fall semester classes.

2) After a budget is determined the two schools shall administer a survey to their student body that includes a list of affordable artists that students can choose from. Students shall pick their top 3-5 artists.

3) Once the results are in the two schools shall meet to create another survey allowing students to choose their top choice from the overall top 3-5 previously voted on.

4) During this selection process I notion that advisers should ONLY advise and should be NOT allowed to have the final say. Their opinion does not accurately reflect the entire student body of the schools.

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