superintendent of NMCUSD
United States of America

We request the NMCUSD to change their current policy of lice, which currently allows children to attend school with nits and also a full day with actual lice to no nit and no lice, and to not return back to school until nits and lice are in fact completely gone and checked by a professional to be certain the nits and lice are gone.

It is not fair for parents who send their kids to school clean, to have their children return home infested with nits and lice. it is unsanitary and an inconvienience to families; not only the process of removing the nits and lice, but the price of the medication and especially if its a consistent occurence. Not only that, but the fact that the whole family gets infested and the whole house has to be cleaned of nits and lice, not only the child.

We, the undersigned, call on the NMCUSD to change the current lice policy to no nit and no lice.

We want a policy of complete riddance of nits and lice.

Children should not be allowed to attend school until checked and cleared by a professional, and if nits or lice are to be found, the child is to immediately be sent back home until nits and lice are in fact gone.

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