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Good players are getting restrained by the 50% matchmakingsystem in Overwatch. That means that it doesn't matter how good you are, you're going to get teammates that are uncoorperative, And in the end you'r rank will rise or fall extremely slow. bad or under the influence of drugs (that's what i actually experienced) so you'll have to carry them which is in many cases impossible. In the end your winrate will move between 45%-55%. There are many such cases.

Another game which also has that kind of matchmaking is Dota. i stopped to play Dota after more than 3000 hours only because of that kind of matchmakingsystem. There is a strange experiment which i once made: I lost intentionally a few matches in unranked matchmaking and after that i played ranked (serious of course). Surprisingly it worked and after a few weeks my rank climbed up from 3800 to 4400.
Im pretty sure that it's going to work in Overwatch too. If you disagree with me you can try that.

I like Overwatch too much to let it just collecting dust on my harddrive. Now some of you will say: "that's nonsense! That just means that the matchmaking is working perfectly. you're just at the rank youre supposed to be." Well that would be wonderful, but after a few wins i get the above mentioned teammates out of nowhere. You can't deny that!

Another thing i would like to mention are the people who are uncoorperative. They are the disease of this wonderful teamgame. Those people would have a hard time in high mmr if it wouldn't be for the forced 50%. In a good matchmakingsystem they would just stay in the lower ranks until they learn the game. In my opinion these people should get a big loss in their rank after a number of reports.

Let´s start a petition and show it to Blizzard so they can see that were not happy with that kind of system.

We, the community of Overwatch demand from the deepest of our hearts, that Blizzard reworks the matchmakingsystem for a better and fairer gameplayexperience. We aren't satisfied with the fact that no matter how good or bad you are, that you will end up on your rank with no chance of moving upwards.

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