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Hi I’m Excalibur and this is my mummy doing this for me. A few years ago my mum couldn’t look after me properly due to her health. So rather than watch me get unhealthy etc my mum made a hard decision to let me go to a foster mum to look after me.

My mum and the lady made a contract where when the lady didn’t want me I was to come back to my mum and also my mum is still to be my legal owner and keep paperwork except passport which was given to lady as passport has to be with the horse by law. The contract was like a loan out.

The lady was supposed to keep in contact and send regular updates which she did then the lady stopped contacting mum about year ago and mum didn’t know where I was. As mum couldn’t get in contact with lady and got no reply off her or any of her family, mum sent lots adverts on facebook, lost and missing or stolen sites and any other sites searching for me .Everyone was trying to find me. Then mum got a message on her facebook from an old friend of the foster lady saying i was in a sanctuary in Norfolk. Mum was so happy she got a lead and she rung round all the sanctuaries and finally found me in HILLSIDE ANIMAL SANCTUARY. Mum was overjoyed.

She arranged a visit to make sure it was me and has been to see me several times. What mum didn’t know and when she found out she was very shocked was that I’d been in the sanctuary for over 2 years. The foster lady had lied to mum when she said I was fine and at hers still. What upset and DISTGUSTED mum alot more is that I have a microchip with mums name on it. The sanctuary didn’t even scan me and they took me in WITHOUT a passport which if any of us public did we’d get arrested and fined for it. The worst thing is I’m stuck in the sanctuary because even though my mum is my legal owner, the founder and owner of HILLSIDE ANIMAL SANCTUARY, WENDY VALENTINE has refused twice now to give me back to my mum and hasn’t given a reason why.

Mum thinks this is hypocritical as if a member of public did this they would have to give the animal back to its real owner and even if they paid out for any vets, food, etc they won’t get compensated or receive very little. My mum is fighting for me all the way as it breaks her heart being so close and yet so far.

Mum’s other concern is if they haven’t scanned me and checked my details, how many other stolen or missing animals have they got and all it takes is to scan or check details and check any missing animals databases to make sure the animal they have received isn’t stolen etc and make a phone call to reunite all those other poor people and their missing babies. So please sign the petition to help gain a change in laws and also feel free to contact Hillside Animal Sanctuary on 01603 736200 and ask them, especially Wendy, why my mum can’t have me home where I belong and also to check if any of your missing pets are actually with the sanctuary or any other sanctuary for that matter as it seems I’m not the only one with this sort of problem and it is a problem up and down the country hence the petition.


A petition for a change in the laws regarding proving and providing ownership of a pet animal (dog,cat, horses and some other small animals).

A device of some sort that PROVES OWNERSHIP. Like a photo id card (like the proof of age cards and also a similar method of how you get these by filling form and having an authority figure and vet to sign it) with picture of animal and owner and some details and/or make microchips in animals lawful and also the fact that they DO PROVE OWNERSHIP unlike at the moment where they do not and make it so they can be used in court by law to get a lost or stolen animal back to its rightful owner and upon sale or other means of giving up the rights of ownership or first time ownership that the new owner must register with a governing body.

Like selling a car and changing details on DVLA. And that all persons, sanctuaries, rescue centre’s as well as sales markets and pet stores selling live pets must scan an animal within 7 days of when it comes into their care.

Please sign this petition. Because like me and my mum. One day your pets might go missing and when you find them you might not be able to get them back because someone failed to scan and check.

Hopefully our voices will be heard

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