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Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council Executive Committee at its meeting on 11 December 2014 allocated £115 million of the Council's 'Integrated Grant Fund' for the next 3 years 2015-18. Links to allocation details can be found below.

The bulk of these grants went to organisations directly invited to apply and show how they met 'Programme Outcomes'. However other organisations and charities carrying out similar work were not allowed to apply i.e. the Fund is essentially a 'closed shop'. Similarly during the previous IGF allocation process (2013-15) funding was made available only to existing IGF grant holders.

Heart of Scotstoun, Home-Start Glasgow North and other organisations barred from applying regard this policy to limit the fund to existing grant holders as both inequitable and contrary to the Council’s statutory duty to deliver Best Value.

We believe the opportunity for funding should be openly offered to all potentially relevant organisations and that applications then should be properly and fully evaluated against agreed criteria, as is accepted best and normal practice for both grant funding submissions and evaluation processes.

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Glasgow City Council Executive Minutes 11 December 2014

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership Minutes 12 December 2014 (further allocation details)

We request that Glasgow City Council, with immediate effect, gives all relevant organisations the right to apply to the Integrated Grant Fund (IGF) on an equal and fair basis. Specifically that it:

- carries out all current and future allocations of IGF monies in line with its statutory duty to deliver Best Value.

- follows recognised best practice for grant funding applications and evaluation processes and ensures that an open and transparent system of funds allocation can be evidenced.

- opens up the Integrated Grant Fund allocations for 2015/16 onwards to all organisations delivering potentially relevant Programme Outcomes, including those which currently or historically have not been invited nor allowed to apply.

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