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It begins with the random banned that happened lately. Some players get banned randomly. Players who has already spent a lot of money and time playing the game for almost years and years randomly get banned. GDMO Developer claimed that they were still investigating the issue of illegal items. The problem is when we (players) don't know which item is illegal and which is legal. For example: if someone want to take down someone's account, they just have to gift the player an item from illegal account and the next day, the tracking system will detect that the player who are innocent getting banned. These need to be fixed as soon as possible. We random player who get banned just want to spend time and play this game but the developer thinks that we are contribute to this illegal cash item. We just want our account back. It's not our fault if we buy cash item from someone using money in game to get the cash item. The rate of gatcha system is also ridiculous, they only provide like 0,1% chance to get the good item, and we have to spend like big amount of money (it's like gambling system). In conclusion, we just want our justice. We have already spend money and time in this game. Please consider reviewing your developer system and banning system of illegal items.

We, the undersigned, call on the players who get banned for no reasons. We want justice. We just don't know which one is illegal item or which one is legal. The developer needs to find out who is the one who provides illegal items, and we are not supposed to be banned randomly because we got the item by purcashing it from consignment or from trading with someone. There are more innocent victims get banned randomly. We have already wasted a lot of money and just want our game account back. This is a serious problem.

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