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Change the Date of Australia Day

The date should be changed for the obvious reasons of that, celebrating the day when British civilization in Australia was made, they built infrastructure, and helped make our country what it is today, however many people choose to ignore what had really happened during the time of this “invasion”. At first, not many people were interested in hearing the stories from the indigenous, and their time of mourning during the time, from mothers having their children taken away from them and being permanently separated, to becoming slaves of the British, and treated worse than their convicts, then as a result for trying to stand up to the British and take back their home and their rights, many were killed, and they were inhumanely and disgustingly killed for sport. However now because of how our country has grown and the people in it have changed over generations of time, we now show respect and are trying to make a difference and to amend the previous generations’ arrogance, ignorance, unlawful and immoral behaviour. Due to a majority of Australian citizens showing their support for the rights of the Indigenous people, it was wholeheartedly wanted for an apology to be made on the behalf of the Australian people, whose ancestors invaded the land of the aboriginals, to the Indigenous people of Australia, which ultimately was carried out in 2008, by our prime minister at the time, Kevin Rudd.

Furthermore, as a result of Kevin Rudd’s apology speech, many hearts were opened to the thought and idea of changing the date of National Australia Day, the 26th of January, to another date, which would be mutually respected by all, and show significance to the aboriginals. In Rudd’s awe-inspiring and phenomenal speech he apologizes for the “degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture”, for the separation of families and for dehumanizing their culture, families and their people. In his speech he also steps up and shows his strength on behalf of all Australian people, that the stolen generations can accept their apology, and can move forward to a new future of reconciliation, and movement together as a nation as one, as what we have all wanted for so long. However, this unfortunately, has still not made enough of an impact to change the date, and move forward. Which I ask the reason, why hasn’t it been changed? What is stopping the federal government from changing the date to a new one, to celebrate our new united Australia Day?

Ultimately, I suggest the new date of Australia Day to be June 3rd. Not many people may realize a day called Mabo Day, which is a day of celebration that the indigenous, aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders were given back their land. I can say that not many people I am aware of, have ever heard of Mabo day, nor celebrate it, which as a nation, we should be celebrating this day. This day should be celebrated because of a man named Eddie Mabo. Eddie was an Indigenous man, known for his role in campaigning for Indigenous land rights and black rights. Eddie worked as a gardener at James Cook University in 1974, need I say more, which was where he gave his first speech on the subject. In 1982, Eddie and many others began their legal claim of ownership of their land, this case was then known as the ‘Mabo Case’. In 1993 the case was then passed through the Australian Parliament and “opened the way for further claims of traditional rights to land and compensation”. June 3rd was then named as Mabo Day, in celebration of Eddie Mabo and the work he did. Which in my opinion, and everyone should agree with, the date of National Australia Day should be changed to June 3rd in celebration of Mabo Day.

Australia Day should not be celebrated on the 26th of January, as it celebrates a date of invasion and shows a disrespect towards the Indigenous people, as they had their land, homes, rights, and their everything stolen from them. However respect was shown from Kevin Rudd in his incredible speech in apologizing. Although we have moved on from that time in history of our nation, the final step of apologizing was not made, which was changing the date of Australia Day. Which I believe should be changed to the day of Mabo, June 3rd, to celebrate Eddie Mabo, but also for the Indigenous, aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders to have their land and rights back, and for us to become one as a nation. My feelings are that I want to pursue this further in requesting this to the government, to make a change. We as a nation need to right a wrong.

I am requesting this to federal government to the change of Australia Day, by changing our nations date to a more unified date of new Australians and Indigenous peoples National Australia Day,

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