#Students' Rights
Passaic Public Schools, Board Of Education
United States of America

We the undersigned wish to change the color of the polo uniforms shirts in Passaic High School to another color (possibly dark red or black). We do not want to change the fact that the shirt still needs a logo or any other part of the school uniform.

Our reasons for this are:

1) The white polos are very hard to manage because it is such a light color and requires so much maintenance. We spend money every year buying brand new uniforms because the uniform shirts from the previous year are already worn out and to the point where it can no longer be reusable.

2) We feel that another color such as dark red or black represents the school more because of our athletic teams/school colors. In addition, it makes Passaic High School unique as a school. Again, still requiring the logo on the uniform shirt.

We, the undersigned, request that a change be made in the color of the uniform polos of Passaic High School to dark red or black.

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