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For the past 5 years, NFL fans have speculated of Pro football returning to Los Angeles. After nearly 20 years of no pro football in the entertainment capitol of the world, it was announced in 2015 that a new stadium would be built especially for pro football in Carson City, just 22 miles from Hollywood. The NFL responded to the announcement of a new arena by announcing that it would now be hearing offers from NFL organizations to relocate to Los Angeles, with the hopes of bringing in at least 2 pro teams to play in the new Carson Studium. The top 3 teams who were the most rumored for relocation were the only 3 teams who have had history in Los Angeles before: The Rams, Raiders, & Chargers. In early 2016, The Rams, formally from St. Louis, became the first of the 3 teams to relocate to Los Angeles in early 2016. With the Raiders eyeing relocation, but to Las Vegas, that leaves out The San Diego Chargers for possible relocation. The Chargers, who out of the 3 teams that have had history in Los Angeles, have the least amount of history in LA, with one season during their 1960 inaugural season as a NFL team. With Measure C not passing this election year, which would've guaranteed the team to stay in San Diego, with a new stadium, relocation for the Bolts seems more likely than ever, especially with the news that the organization of the team plans to hold a conference on January 12th, 2017, rumored to officially announce relocation to LA. Though the team seems ready to move further up north in southern california, many San Diegans, including myself, believe that one day, pro football will return to America's Finest City. The weather, the beaches, Balboa Park, Coronado, & Military history are just some of the aspects that make San Diego a great destination for a pro football team. When a team does decide to bring pro football back to San Diego, however, Me & other San Diegans, would like to see a team return to San Diego, as the Chargers, ans only the Chargers. The Chargers have been San Diego for more than Half a century, and seeing the name "Chargers" used somewhere else would be an insult to San Diego Charger fans everywhere. We, San Diego, should keep the name, "Chargers", so when a team does come to their senses & realizes the opportunities San Diego offers to the organization, We want the team to be called what we have always our Pro Football Team: The San Diego Chargers.

I, Eduardo Ontiveros Jr, call on Commisioner Roger Goodell, and the NFL to have the Chargers Pro Football Team change their name as they relocate to Los Angeles, and give the rights to the name "Chargers" and all of it's logos & Uniforms to the city of San Diego.

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