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Why should teenage boys have to cut their hair the way that schools, or the government see best?

We live in a country that prides its independence from European rule and have established ourselves as a leader on the continent. But still we follow basic school rules from the 19th century.

When I think of a country that lets their future generation be independent I think of the United States, the most independent country on earth. A lesson to learn from that is that you must not shackle the youths hopes but encourage them. Another major concern is if a school can make boys cut their hair, why not girls as well, feminist groups have been fighting for equality for decades, let them have it then, not saying that they should, its their choice. so why not boys as well.

There is no harm if a pupil has a ponytail, or another dreadlocks, if you still want to encourage rules set by former governments, why not segregate schools again completely.

I'm going to put it simple, if you like having you're hair in a near bold cut than this isn't for you, but if you don't than read on.

Let's go back to when hair rules where put in action, probably when we where still under foreign rule. South Africa says its a proudly independent country, not from these 19th century laws though. It's fair i guess that as the government say we'll all get distracted in class "obviously", you know how guys are, playing with each others hair and braiding it, or is that girls, who can have long hair. Seems a bit sexist I think.

If we're still going to put old stupid laws into place then you might as well say goodbye to all you're friends that are not the same race as you because segregation is coming back.

So to all you guys with British loving, bangs, ponytail, cornrow, dread hating principals. Tell you're friends and sign.

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