#Students' Rights
Radford University
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The New Fitness Center's Dress Code was due:

1) to protection from MRSA. "I read up on the CDC's guidelines for gyms preventing MRSA and NOWHERE did it say wearing tank tops puts you at higher risk. MRSA is only contracted through an open wound." The Radford University Fitness Center has PAID STAFF members with obligations. One of these obligations is to make sure that the facility is in a clean and functional condition. Proper care and maintenance of the facility will ensure to lower the risk of any sickness or infection.

2) "Research and surveys indicate that people are reluctant to begin an exercise program if they are intimidated by the environment. RU Student Recreation & Wellness operates under a philosophy of creating a comfortable environment for all its members. Healthy active lifestyles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not a specific image." - RU Recreation & Wellness Center General Guide .

This RU Recreation & Wellness Center statement contradicts itself. "The sleeveless t-shirt "image" of fitness is detrimental, so you force students to fit your fitness mold instead?" - Nima Hami, Radford University Student

3) promote a fitness center of higher standards. If you refer to a lot of the larger named fitness centers across the country, they all ask for similarities. These dress code requirements are:
-Footwear: no opened toed or opened back shoes, no dress shoes
-Apparel: Athletic attire
-Unacceptable Forms of Attire: jeans, boots, shoes with soles.
These can be derived from: Gold's Gym, Lifetime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Radford University's Peters Hall Gym, Radford University's Muse Hall Gym.

Change the rules and regulations that are only enforced for the New Fitness Center. Student tuition aids faculty and administration salaries. Student tuition aids in funding for renovations and upkeep of the university. Hence the students should be consulted on dress policy. The dress code was imposed without any consent from the student body.
The facility manager of the New Fitness Center is applying a very strict dress code that no student agrees with. Comparing the Fitness Center's dress code with large nationwide gyms, Radford University is being preposterous.

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