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Penrith City Council, Westfield, RTA

Bus drivers were promised by Westbus management that Riley St would be a bus only thoroughfare.

When the extension to Penrith Plaza was completed in late 2005, Riley St was re-opened to ALL traffic.

This forced buses, taxis, trucks and cars to compete for a single lane (previously it was two lanes), causing traffic congestion on a regular basis.

This, combined with uncoordinated traffic signals which stay green for only a few seconds, increased stress and frustration levels of bus drivers and other road users.

Riley Street
[Image 1. Riley St - All traffic squeezed into one lane.]

The pedestrian crossing is a concern due to many pedestrians crossing against the DON'T WALK sign regardless of oncoming traffic and thereby risking death or injury by being struck down by a vehicle.

Is it really necessary to have the pedestrian crossing there at all, when there are pedestrian crossings on either side and above in close proximity?

Riley St 1
[Image 2.
The pedestrian crossing - one person has already been knocked down - how many more?]

Bus drivers and bus passengers are frustrated by unauthorised parking in the bus zone and the lack of adequate policing of the bus zone. Will Council provide a permanent parking ranger, 18 hrs per day? Maybe a fixed camera, which automatically records unauthorised parking and sends an infringement notice would be a good idea.

Riley St 3
[Image 3.
How are bus drivers supposed to drop off Westfield customers? - Where are the parking rangers?]

Riley St 4b
I[mage 4.
Traffic lights should be sequenced to ensure faster bus services.]

As a result of the concerns which Westbus drivers tabled in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC), a judge ordered Westbus drivers NOT to use Riley St until bus drivers' concerns were rectified.

It was clear to bus drivers that changing Riley St into one lane would cause problems for bus services. Penrith Council and Westfield need to appreciate this fact. They should "bite the bullet" and make the right decision for bus services and public safety!

The proposed changes to the pedestrian crossing, though welcome, will not remedy the overall problem.

Penrith Council is ideally placed to make this a win-win outcome for ALL stakeholders (including Westfield patrons) by changing Riley St into a bus & taxi ONLY thoroughfare.

It is the best and most "commonsense" solution to the current impasse.

To facilitate the return of Westbus services, we, the undersigned, call on Penrith City Council to change Riley St into a bus and taxi thoroughfare ONLY between Henry St and Jane St.

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