Peter Garett, The australian education minister

Mid year cut off dates cause stress, heartache and confusion for so many children and parents across Australia each year. Children missing out on starting school with friends and family their own age because of mid year cut of dates is ridiculous.

At this stage every state has a different date. There should be one Australia wide date. In Tasmania if your child turns 4 on or before the 1st of January the child may attend prep/kindergarten if the child or parent wishes, and if the child turns 5 on or before the first of January it is compulsory for the child to attend prep/kindergarten.

This is a fantastic system which allows parents and children to happily decide when they think the child is ready for their first school year. This should be the same country wide! So please parents and guardians of children and future children place your name on this petition and help make a difference and make your child's future your decision.

We the undersigned, call upon the Australian Minister for education and early childhood to change the Prep/Kindergarten cut of dates in all states in Australia to the following:

- You may enrol your child in Kindergarten if that child turns 4 on or before January the 1st in the year they start.

- A child that turns 5 on or before the 1st January must start school that year! Children will start in the Preparatory Year.

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