#Students' Rights
Patricia Klebanov, Placement Director, D75
United States of America

- There are many ways parents can support their special needs child/children. Being an advocate is one. We have a VOICE and demand to be heard. The needs of our children are imperative despite the challenge. So we united as one to support and protect our children's educational career. Please join us in this fight to change school P352X to a K-8 Grade school. SUPPORT THE NEEDS OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM!

- P352x is located in the Bronx. P352X awesome school that has goals to support, protect, challenge, and guide our children with the essentials needs to be great, productive adults in the future. Our children helped make the school what is today and deserves to continue on to middle school under the umbrella of P352X.

- Our children have labels that are unfairly placed on them from the first diagnosis of autism. It is truly a disgrace. Residing in low-income communities is a disadvantage within it self but we have to show the district WE MATTER! Our children have limits placed on them that can be overshadowed by their individual progression. We ALL have testimonies of the way our children achieved goals that were set outside of the home and school. Each and every child deserves a chance to be great. So with that we say "WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL THERE IS NO FIGHT LEFT!"

There was a decision that was made by Patricia Klebanov, Placement Director at District 75. Patricia made a decision that alarmed us as parents. Patricia is putting a cap on P352X making the school a K-5 grade school.

We stand and demand that P352X be changed to a K-8 Grade school. How can someone make such decision but have not stepped inside the school. Our children work so hard to achieve their short and long terms goals. Their achievements are so great due to the support of the relationship between the administrators, staff and parents.

We are asking for the support of our community to stand with us to fight the decision that was made selfishly and undeniably bias. Our job as parents is to protect our children in ALL aspects.

WE WILL STAND TOGETHER! WE WILL FIGHT! WE WILL WIN! Our children maybe be numbers to the district but they are our future!

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