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Nyngan and in particular Wambiana st has been greatly affected by the relocation of known criminals into the housing NSW units .

We are tired of the criminal activity and drug affected behaviour of some of the current residents . Young children have been invited into the units on at least two occasions and have been exposed to illegal substances . Repeated criminal activity , tenants that are drug affected, screaming and fighting on the road and in the streets, Burglaries make the streets and the park next door unusable . Items we work hard for are being stolen, yet nothing is done when the case goes to court. To date it is estimated over $8,000 of goods have been stolen with only $2,000 worth of goods recovered just by one resident of the units who is constantly released to reoffend.

We need to feel safe within our community and we don't . We cannot let our children use the new park, ride their bikes up the street or visit friends. We now have to pay for house sitters if we go away. The social and economic impact to our community is great.

Our community needs to feel safe and not subjected to criminal behaviour which causes anxiety and fear within residents. When it was allocated for aged pensioners, we felt a sense of community and our children grew up safe with their elders looking out for them.

We the undersigned ask Housing NSW to enact their policies and evict those who are not complying and to also revert the use of the units back to Aged Pensioners.

The community of Nyngan.

We , members of the Nyngan Community, want Housing NSW to
- enact their policies with residents
- revert the use of the residential units in Wambiana St back to aged pensioners
- not relocate known criminals from other towns into our community

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