#Roads & Transport
Hull City Council
United Kingdom

The junction is becoming ever more busy and accidents are becoming both more frequent and more serious.
At the time of writing this, my partner is recovering from being hit full on at speed by a driver who cut the junction corner and did not see him, despite wearing high visibility clothing.
We are so very lucky he is still alive, he has had all relevant medical treatment and now needs to rest up for a few days under supervision.
This junction needs islands to prevent cars from cross cutting it, before someone dies.

Huge Thank you to the nurse who stopped and aided my partner, Wendy Smith!

My partner had an angel watch over him today, the next cyclist might not be so lucky!

Please sign it and forward to as many people as possible before someone loses their life!

We will not stand by and watch someone die at this junction.

We, the undersigned, demand that the junction of Stockholm road/Copenhagen road & West Carr Lane be made safe before there is a fatality at the junction.
We believe that time is of the essence, as the risk of that fatality increases daily.

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