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Snow removal is in an effort to keep community members and guests safe. With this being said, snow removal should be a top priority during the winter time due to safety measures. Severe weather is expected to continue to cloud over Fremont, Nebraska and road safety is at an all time high. Meteorologist Molly Bernard says that “Eppley Airfield has recorded measurable snowfall on 13 days and Fremont has seen measurable snow on eight.” The roads have been difficult to drive in even after roads are plowed one time.

Once a storm hits, roads should continue to be flowed at least two to three times a week using a salt/sand mixture but also 2 snow blowers, 13 material spreaders/plow trucks, and 5 front-end loaders. Every street should be assigned a plowing priority and should be checked once a day for safety measures. If snow and ice removal operations were conducted on a 24 hour basis, roads would be more safe and as a city we would be able to prevent traffic accidents.

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