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I am a SUNY Cobleskill student. I have had a taste of the unruly and unjust discipline actions taken by Residential Life for a simple violation of guest/visitor policy. It was Halloween night, a Friday night mind you, and I went to visit a friend in his dorm. We didn’t sign in as an overnight, but we were sure we signed out. We then went back to my dorm and signed him in as an overnight the night host refused to do so, and in the next two days we both received letters telling us we weren’t allowed in each other’s buildings for the rest of the semester.

After speaking to my ACC we were told the charge of the overnight was a mistake on the night hosts part. When talking with my friend’s RD I was told that even with evidence/proof of having signed in as an over night in a completely different building it didn’t matter and that both my friend and I were going to have to live with these charges. Not only can we not sign in at night or on weekends, we can’t even hang out/study in our rooms during the day.

This has forced both of us to create different means of being together, for instance we camped in a tent in the cold and rain on the lacrosse field at 3am. To watch movies we have to go to BYP or a dorm neither of us are banned from. All this just because we didn’t sign out in one building, on a Friday, on a Halloween.



We, the students of SUNY Cobleskill, ask to modify the guest/visitor policies in our dorms. We pay a lot of money to live in rooms we call home and we have the right to have who we want to be in our rooms, in our rooms, when we want.

We agree to sign guests/visitors in when they arrive so that safety is still being insured, but beyond that it shouldn’t matter what gender the person is or what day they are visiting on. As long as the guest/visitor is a student living on campus it makes no difference where they are staying at night, it’s wherever we feel comfortable.

Whether or not certain guests visit on certain days should depend on a room mate agreement that should be signed at the beginning of the year and throughout the year whenever said conditions change.

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